General terms of sale

Vu Sur

Vu Sur, your purchases facilitator abroad, is a company incorporated under Cameroonian law, registered in the trade register under N ° RC / YAO / 2015 / ha / 4345. The head office is situated in Yaoundé, Tsinga; P.O Box: 30306.

Terms agreement

Every items purchase through our services implies unreserved adherence to these general conditions of sale, supplemented or adapted by our special conditions, which will derogate from these general provisions.

The services

Vu Sur’s proficiency includes two types of services. The first one is the purchase and delivery service which is carried out either according to the classical delivery or the express one. The second service is the delivery only after purchase of items by the customer's own care and delivery to our warehouse in France.

Regarding the delivery only service named Vu Sur delivery, the following terms apply:

  1. We take into account the volumetric weight of the item, meaning the weight resulting from the dimensions of the package in which the parcel has been received.
  2. We cannot open and rearrange the parcels. We deliver them to you as they have been received by the sender.
  3. It is impossible to send back the parcels to the sender as soon as they have been received at our address in France.
  4. Once the parcels have been received, Vu Sur computes the volumetric weight and send an invoice the customer would have to pay in advance for their parcels to be transported in Cameroon.

Items not accepted for purchases and delivery

The Addressee agrees that the Sending will be considered as unacceptable if it contains one of the following items:

  • Perishable, infectious or not infectious biological Materials.
  • Human organs and remains;
  • Narcotics and psychotropic materials; • obscene or immoral Objects; Forged products;
  • Produits de contrefaçon ;
  • Alive Animals (exceptspecific conditions);
  • Dead animals;
  • Cultural property having a major interest for the national heritage;
  • Explosive materials (including inert or artificial ammunitions), flammable (alcohols, flavors(perfumes)) radioactive or corrosive;
  • Hazardous materials such as compressed gas or any object containing some gas or some compressed or liquid air (produced sprays, lifeboats, fire extinguishers, etc.);
  • Military products or which may potentially endanger the national territory integrity (drones, weapons, etc...);
  • Objects which by their nature or their packaging, can present a danger for the agents, can dirty or damage the traveler’s personal belongings or the other travelers or the equipment used by the traveler;
  • Sendings which sensitive character is submitted to particular formalities: weapons, medicine, tobaccos, strategic goods usable for civil or military purposes or animal or vegetable species produces, protected by the Agreement (Convention) of Washington.
  • Furthermore, Vu Sur reserves the right to refuse any Sending which would be considered impossible to transport in complete safety and according to the Law

Billing modalities

  1. Purchase and delivery Service

    Vu Sur will compute an invoice to the client based on the following:

    • Cost of the items: It is the exact amount to be paid on the website to place the orders. It includes the price of the items and the delivery cost to our address in France charged by the website. This is then converted in FCFA;
    • Transportation cost to Cameroon: Transportation to Cameroon are charged 10000 FCFA per Kg transported. For items under 1 kg, transportation fees are also 10000 FCFA). Please be aware that this weight is a volumetric one based on the volume of the parcel. It can differ from the weight in Kg mentioned on websites
    • Vu Sur’s fees: Vu Sur’s fees are fixed at 25% of the items cost;
    • Delivery fees to delivery point: For every parcel delivered in Yaounde, this cost is 0 CFA but for delivery in other towns of Cameroon, the fees will vary based on the town and the volume of the parcel.
  2. Purchase and delivery service : Express mode

    The billing modalities are similar to the classical mode except the fact that the transportation to cameroon is charged 17000 FCFA per Kg given the speed of the delivery. Service livraison classique

  3. Delivery Only service

    Here the client will only pay the delivery fees to Cameroon. Those fees are fixed at 12000 FCFA per K given the monitoring and personalization required for this service.

  4. Delivery Only service : express mode

    For the express mode of the delivery service the fees are fixed at 20000 FCFA per Kg transported.

Delivery Points

The delivery is made in our various relay points spread over the Cameroonian territory.

For more information on the list of our relay points, please visit the home page of our website.

Warranties and claims deadlines

Vu Sur has an internal team in charge of the verification of the purchases (their veracity, conformity and authenticity) as soon as they are received at our address in France. Verification of the purchases by the customer must be carried out at the time of their withdrawal at the delivery points.
In case of damage, missing items, complaints about apparent defects or the non-conformity of the product delivered, the customer will let know the agents at the delivery points and will issue clear and precise reservations by email to Vu Sur’s team within 48 hours. Failure to comply with these time limits will ipso facto result in an exemption from Vu Sur's liability. It’s up to the customer to provide any justification to confirm the reality of the anomalies observed.
Vu Sur will take the utmost care to the execution of the order and the quality of the products. In the event of a defect recognized by Vu Sur, the obligation of the latter shall be limited to the replacement or reimbursement of defective quantities, without further indemnity.

Vu Sur’s liability exemptions

  1. Vu Sur cannot be held responsible in case of unavailability of products specified in an Order;
  2. Vu Sur cannot be held responsible for the good or bad quality of products ordered by customers. Furthermore, he does not bear the responsibility of items as far as the customer is beforehand supposed to have verified the link of the item on his invoice;
  3. Vu Sur could not be responsible for the failure to respect delivery deadlines by the retail website;
  4. For the cases of delivery only, Vu Sur could not be responsible for the state of the delivered parcels; it is the responsibility of the customer to make sure of the good conditioning/packaging of the parcels before their expedition at our address in France. Furthermore Vu Sur cannot be held responsible in case an Addressee would resort to a fraudulent use of means of payment to place an Order.

Final Invoice

For more security and precision, before the payment of any order we send you a summary of order so that the customer can open in order to verify the available links in his invoice before making any payment. So Vu Sur is not responsible for the quality of an article.

Secured Payments

For invoices payment, we work in association with a number of structures recognized for their efficiency. In fact, the payments of our invoices can be made through Express Union, Global Numerica, Orange Money, MTN Mobile Money or bank transfer.
If you make the payment at Express Union or Global Numerica, they shall give you a receipt which will act as guarantee. If the payment is made through Orange Money or MTN Mobile Money, our confirmation of payment e-mail will also serves you as guarantee.

Potential additional costs after payment

After the payment of his bill at Vu Sur a customer may be led to pay extra fees due to items that occurred after listing.

  1. Incorrectly valued weight
    Regarding quotations for purchase and delivery, the volumetric weight considered for your items has been valued by us. However it may happen that we had mistaken on the weight billed and that at the arrival at our address in France it is much higher. Then we shall ask you to complete the invoice for the notice gap. This is so that our freight partner accepts to transport your order to Cameroon.
  2. Customs fees charged on arrival of the parcel in France
    Quotations made don’t take into account the customs fees that could be charged by the French Customs upon arrival of the parcel in France. Indeed, for some sellers located outside Europe, additional customs fees for which we haven’t knowledge in advance could be charged for the arrival of the package in France. You will then be required to pay these costs upon receipt of the invoice by the conveyer. Please note that the receipt may occur at any time before or after delivery of your order

Return Policies

Once the parcel was ordered and delivered in Cameroon, it cannot be returned or exchanged unless the items received are not the one ordered. In that case, Vu Sur will initiate the procedures with the retail websites in order to get the right items for the customers or be reimbursed integrally

Reservation of property

The items purchased through Vu Sur, remained Vu Sur’s property until they are delivered to the delivery points. Hence, the risks inherent to the items will be transferred to the client once they retrieve their products at the delivery points.

Applicable Law

Any dispute arisen from the application of the present General Terms of Sale or relating in any way to these, will be submitted, in the non-exclusive competence of the jurisdictions of the country of origin of the article and governed by the laws of that country.


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