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The invoicing of Vu Sur services is 100% transparent. Through Vu Sur, you will pay half the price you would have paid for the same items directly in Cameroon . Furthermore, with Vu Sur you are sure about the choice and the origin of your purchases .

Cost of the item on the website + Transportation Fees from France to Cameroon + Vu Sur's fees :
  • Cost of the item on the website = total Cost charged by the online store for the purchase and the delivery of the product to Vu Sur address in France
  • Transportation Fees from France to Cameroon = 10 000 XAF/KG
  • Vu Sur Commission = 20% of the total cost of the item

Order amount :

Frequently asked questions

May I pay all or part of my invoice at the reception of my parcel?

Since we have no stock, we buy products only on your request. Thus, we cannot charge the total of the invoice or a part of it at the delivery. In fact, in case a customer wouldn’t want to pay at the delivery, we would lose money since the purchase would have already been made.

Can the payment be made in instalments?

No, because foreign online stores wants the complete amount of the article (including transportation fees) to be paid in advance before the product is delivered in France. We cannot thus accept payment in instalments otherwise where shall we take this money needed for the order of your article?

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