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    • FREECASH | TSINGA (Opposite Tsinga Previous City Hall).
    • GNET MELEN | MELEN (Cyber café Opposite to CHU).
    • EXPRESS-PRINT | NGOA-EKELLE (Printing House Opposite University entrance).
    • ETS CHARLY | BIYEM-ASSI (Carrefour Biyem Assi, Opposite « Prestige Hôtel »).
    • FREECASH | ROND-POINT EXPRESS (Opposite Oilybia Oil Station).
    • ETS JOIE DY REVENIR | ODZA (Cyber-café after TRADEX).
    • LONDON BUSINESS CENTER | NGOUSSO (Cyber-café Opposite to Sup de Co).
    • GNET EKOUNOU | EKOUNOU (Cyber-café before « Lycée EKOUNOU »).
    • EMI MONEY | ECOLE DES POSTES (Opposite Neptune Oil Service Station).
    • EMI MONEY | MOKOLO (Old Bata not far from Congelcam).
    • EMI MONEY | EKOUNOU (Opposite Quifferou Ekounou).
    • EMI MONEY | ACACIAS (In the middle of the acacias market).
    • EMI MONEY | MVOG-MBI (Opposite mall Saad Center next to express union).
    • EMI MONEY | NKOABANG (Crossroads Nkoabang before the station SOCAEPE coming from Yaounde).
    • EMI MONEY | MESSASSI (Chateau de Versailles Building, 100 m before the market coming from Yaounde).
    • EMI MONEY | ESSOS (Opposite entrance to the camp Sonel of Essos).
    • EMI MONEY | MARCHE CENTRAL (Manhattan Building).
    • EMI MONEY | NSAM (Place called Nsam Garanti).
    • EMI MONEY | MBALLA II (Crossroads Regie next to the station tradex).
    • EMI MONEY | INJS (Opposite Police Station of Ngoa-Ekelle).
    • EMI MONEY | ROND-POINT EXPRESS (Rond-Point Express by going to Jouvence).
    • EMI MONEY | NGOUSSO (Place called Transformateur Ngousso).
    • EMI MONEY | MENDONG (Rising Mendong market, not far from the pharmacy “la Grace”).
    • EMI MONEY | MELEN (Next to Santa Lucia).
    • EMI MONEY | FANTA CITRON (Mvog-Ada bridge).
    • EMI MONEY | CARRIERE (Opposite pharmacy « les Mangroves »).
    • EMI MONEY | BIYEM-ASSI (Not far from Vatican Voyage).
    • EMI MONEY | ETOUDI (Opposite bus station).
    • EMI MONEY | DAMAS (Rond-Point Damas buy going to Obobogo).
    • EMI MONEY | BRIQUETERIE (At the level of the English School of Ekoudou).
    • EMI MONEY | MARCHE HUITIEME (At the entrance of Eighth Market ).
    • EMI MONEY | EMONBO DEUXIEME (To the climb Terminus).
    • FREECASH | NLONGKAK (« école les fleurettes » Building).


    • EMI MONEY | SOA (Right after the main entrance of the campus next to the fish shop Cop’s).


    • FREECASH | NKOLOLOUN (Opposite SGBC terminus).
    • PATH_MAG BUSINESS CENTER | NEW-BELL (Entrance opposite to New-Bell Mosque).
    • BUREAUTIQUE SALAM | NEW-BELL (Casino crossroads).
    • JG COMPUTER | BALI (Kayo crossroads Elie, Montagne Manga Bell Entrance).
    • SECRÉTARIAT BUREAUTIQUE CYBER CAFE | AKWA (Douala bar crossroads, next to Texaco oil station).
    • ETS ANGE VOYAGES & SERVICES | AKWA (TIF crossroads).
    • MINAROW CENTER | KOTTO (Antenne Kotto (Opposite to Burger King)).
    • LGC SARL | SABLE (Sable Mboa Hotel entrance).
    • ETS VISION NUMERIQUE | BEPANDA (Between « axe lourd Bépanda » and « Carrefour du Lycée »).
    • JOMAX | BEPANDA (Next to « Total Bepanda »).
    • MINAROW CENTER | BONAPRISO (Opposite to “Creative Cake Design”).
    • I COM – ACCESS | BONAPRISO (Chococho street, Next to Glacier Moderne).
    • CAFE ISI | DEIDO (Opposite to «Total Bessengue»).
    • ROOF SARL | DEIDO (Grand Moulin opposite to Grand Bazar).
    • PHENIX CYBERLINK | BONAPRISO (Air Force crossroads).
    • EMI MONEY | ESSEC (Opposite the University of Douala students entrance).
    • EMI MONEY | HOPITAL GENERAL (Opposite the General Hospital).
    • EMI MONEY | MBOPPI (Mboppi market opposite the Gendarmerie).
    • EMI MONEY | Carrefour MONKAM (Crossroads Monkam).
    • EMI MONEY | BONABERI (Forêt Bar).
    • EMI MONEY | BONAMOUSSADI (Crossroads Maçon next to the Sonel).
    • EMI MONEY | NKOULOULOUN (Opposite Texaco Nkoulouloun).
    • EMI MONEY | BEPANDA (Next to the city hall of Bépanda after the college IPF).
    • EMI MONEY | PK13 (Next to the police station of PK 13).
    • EMI MONEY | NDOKOTI (Opposite the post office).
    • EMI MONEY | NYALA (150 m before Château Nyala coming from Ndokoti).
    • EMI MONEY | VILLAGE LYCEE (Opposite the entrance of the high school ).
    • EMI MONEY | MISSOKE (Missoke market).
    • EMI MONEY | AKWA (Old cinema Le Berlize not far from Air Force One discotheque).
    • EMI MONEY | PK 10 (Lumière du soir).
    • EMI MONEY | NDOGPASSI (Crossroads Bon Blanc).
    • EMI MONEY | ENTREE BILLE (Crosscroads entrance Bille to Amour Plus ).
    • EMI MONEY | NDOG-BONG ZACHMAN (Opposite Total Station).
    • EMI MONEY | CITE DES PALMIERS (Cité des Palmiers market next to Congelcam).


    • EMI MONEY | MARKET B (Next to the pharmacy of the market B).
    • EMI MONEY | WANKO (Opposite of the regional delegation AES Sonel next to express union).
    • EMI MONEY | NDIANDAM (Opposite of the bus station at the place called « sous-manguier »).
    • EMI MONEY | CROSSROADS TOTAL (Next to the new Station Avenir du Noun).
    • EMI MONEY | CITY HALL (Opposite of Afrique Construction).
    • FREECASH | BAFOUSSAM (A côté de l’hôtel Continental).


    • EMI MONEY | DSCHANG MARKET (Opposite EMAC bakery at Market A).
    • EMI MONEY | DSCHANG II (BICEC Building).
    • EMI MONEY | DSCHANG III (Opposite CDE).


    • EMI MONEY | BERTOUA HOTEL UNIVERSEL (Crossroads « face à face » next to hotel Universel).
    • EMI MONEY | BERTOUA MANDJOU (Crossroads of the city hall after Bocom).
    • EMI MONEY | BERTOUA MARKET NDOUMBI (Hôtel le Crépuscule).
    • EMI MONEY | BERTOUA ENIA (Next to crossroads Enia).


    • EMI MONEY | NGAOUNDERE TONGO (Opposite of pharmacy « la Vina »).
    • EMI MONEY | NGAOUNDERE DANG II (Opposite of the main entrance of the University of Ngaoundere).
    • EMI MONEY | NGAOUNDERE PETIT MARCHE (In the middle of the small market).
    • EMI MONEY | NGAOUNDERE GARE (Alhadi Garou mosque quarter station).
    • EMI MONEY | NGAOUNDERE BAMYANGA (In the middle of the Bamyanga market).
    • EMI MONEY | NGAOUNDERE BANTAI (At the Norwegian bridge).


    • EMI MONEY | KOUSSERI I (Crossroads Total, opposite « Auberge de la Terrasse »).
    • EMI MONEY | KOUSSERI II (Opposite of Orange).


    • EMI MONEY | MAROUA CENTRAL MARKET (Central Market at 100 m from the Cicam).
    • EMI MONEY | MAROUA CENTRAL MARKET II (Next to the artisanal center of Maroua).
    • EMI MONEY | MAROUA DOMAYO (Domayo next to DHL).
    • EMI MONEY | MAROUA ABATTOIR (Opposite abattoir market).


    • EMI MONEY | GAROUA IMPOTS (Opposite of the division of taxes).
    • EMI MONEY | GAROUA YELWA (Entrance to the small market of Yelwa).
    • EMI MONEY | GAROUA CAMP CHINOIS (Chinese camp).
    • EMI MONEY | GAROUA BALMARI (Opposite of Touristique voyage).
    • EMI MONEY | GAROUA DJAMBOUTOU (Djamboutou Market).


    • EMI MONEY | BUEA UNIVERSITY(Between Crossroads of University of Buea and Crossroads Malingo).
    • EMI MONEY | BUEA TOWN (Opposite of the Market entrance).
    • EMI MONEY | BUEA CLERKS QUATERS (Next to Njeiforbi bakery).


    • EMI MONEY | BAMENDA (Evidence building).
    • EMI MONEY | BAMENDA NGOMGHAN (Place called Council junction).
    • EMI MONEY | BAMENDA FOODS MARKET (At 50 m, at the Rise Foods Market).
    • EMI MONEY | BAMENDA ROUNDABOUT (Next to new Congelcam by going to foods Market).
    • EMI MONEY | BAMENDA NKWEN (Carrefour two junction).


    • EMI MONEY | NJOMBE (Crossroads Njombe).


    • EMI MONEY | KAELE (Opposite of the previous parquet.


    • EMI MONEY | MBALMAYO I (Opposite Express Union Ziko).
    • EMI MONEY | MBALMAYO NEW TOWN (Opposite Congelcam New Town).


    • EMI MONEY | BAFIA (Mall next to the CNPS).


    • EMI MONEY | MAKENENE (Makenene market, opposite the public toilets).


    • EMI MONEY | MBANDJOCK (Crossroads Soya).


    • EMI MONEY | EDEA HEAVY AXLE (Heavy axle not far from the European Driving School).
    • EMI MONEY | EDEA II (Entrance to the Edge market).


    • EMI MONEY | NKONGSAMBA (Opposite Talla Voyage next to the Parthenon bakery).


    • EMI MONEY | MBANGA (Opposite of the new mosque after the bus station).


    • EMI MONEY | LOUM (In the heart of the Loum World Market).


    • EMI MONEY | BAFANG (In the middle of the market next to Congelcam).


    • EMI MONEY | BANGANGTE (Opposite of CANAL 2, not far from the agency “Avenir du NDE”).


    • EMI MONEY | FOUMBAM CENTER (Behind the mosque opposite of Beithoul Mahl at the Nji Zounedou building).
    • EMI MONEY | FOUMBAM MALOUM (Maloum at 100 m from the breweries).

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